Marty J

The Jade Monkey

 Luis S. - Vocals

Marty J - Guitars, Studio Bass, Logic Instruments, Production & Mixing

Steve Boghossian - Drums, Background Vocals on Shades of Jade and Sleepwalker


John Campos - Engineering Co-production & Mastering

Travis - The Band Travis

Dave McCandlish - Engineering and Production on the Dr. Dave Sessions EP


The Bassist Situation...

Former Live and Studio Bassists: Sam Isaacson, Marton Beck (Dr. Dave Sessions), W Russ Essary (The Jade Monkey EP), Abraham Saenz (half of Shame and Resolve), Tom Deis (The Eleventh Hour), John Campos (Searching for Shangri La)

Fashionably Great

Fashionably Great are:

Mick Stranger - Vocals (Luis S.)

Darren Glitter - guitars, background vocals, production (Marty J) main vocals on Dancing in the Sunlight and Hey Sailor intro and choruses, 

Shawn Lightning - bass, keyboards (J.C.)

Race Canyon - drum programming, production, mixing, mastering (J.C.)

Zero Threat is:

Velvet Black a.k.a. 8trac Brown - rapping, background vocals (Travis Crafton) Summer's Dew, One Night Hook Up, PigBomb, There's No We in Threesome, Explorers

Gangsta Glam a.k.a. Sinister Slick - rapping, hype man (Marty J) Fwoosh, Summer's Dew, Adult Diapers, PigBomb, Explorers

The Milk Man a.k.a. Smooth Daddy Milk, Notorious M.I.L.K. - rapping (Luis S.) One Night Hook Up, PigBomb, Explorers

and DJ Homicide (Marty J) - Logic Instruments and Production


Guest Starring: 

North Member :  Live Drums and background vocals on Street Meat (Steve Boghossian)

Squirrel Paste:  

- Cleetus - vocals, guitar and jug noises on Beaver (Marty J)

- Rufus - vocals, guitar, stand up bass, banjo, and jug noises and percussion on Beaver (Tom Deis)


The Grieving Tree

 Marty J - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Bongos, Cajon, Production, Mixing and all that jazz...

Steve Boghossian - Drums, Bass (Deep Greavage album)

John Campos - Engineering, Co-production, Bass (Deep Greavage album, See Me Follow, Without a Title, Monkey Skeletons)

Guest Musicians: Luis S. (background vocals - Black Fly, Shaker - The Next Step), Tom Deis (background vocals - The Laundry Song, additional guitar - Smoke and Mirrors) Steve Boghossian (bass - Sisyphus, Percussion/drums Mirrorgazers, White Tiger Abraham Saenz (Upright bass - Lovers in Paris, Scars)


Instrumental Albums as Marty J

Marty J - Electric and Acoustic guitars. Whatever else. 

Seven Dwarves:

Marty J - Acoustic guitar, Prima Balalaika, African Thumb Piano, Mechanical Music Box, Ukulele

Return of the Shred, Bipolar Skies:

Marty J - Electric and Acoustic guitars, sitar, ukulele, balalaika, bass, drum programming

Dennis Leeflang - Drums

John Campos - Additional guitar and programming on Christmas Song, additional Mastering

The Suicide Tourists

Version 1: Live from the Garage

Luis S. - vocals

Marty J - Guitars

Abraham Saenz - Bass

Randy Perez - Drums

Version 2: Studio

Luis S. - Vocals

Marty J - Guitars, Bass, Production, Mixing

John Campos - Bass, Drum Programming, Engineering, Co-production & Mastering (all but drums)

Dennis Leeflang - Drums, Drum Engineering

Abe Saenz - Additional Bass

Guest Musicians:

Tom Deis - Drum Programming, Bass

Dan Drohan - Drums

Steve Boghossian - Drum Programming

Davey Patterson - Bass